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Never a Drought – Peso Da Mafia

Never a Drought – Peso Da Mafia

Never a Drought – Peso Da Mafia

😴1. TSAY
🆗2. About Us
😴3. Money Man
💤4. Too High
🔥5. Sometimes f. WishGranted
🆗6. Beautiful
👎🏾7. Look at Me
💤8. Nights I Starved
💤9. Keeper
😴10. How You Do It
🚮11. Winning
👍🏾12. I Know
👍🏾13. Can’t Stop

Project is boring. Effects, weird singing, songs that drag, repetative flows, subjects, mumbles, swaggy raps, all of that bullshit is in this by the gallons the only things missing from this project are the new wave ingredients to the power puff girls. I think there are 3 people in this group but all you hear is the annoying singing, weird piano beats and an occasional rap. There is one fire song tho and that feature did his damn thing. Other than that its like one big autotune piano meddley swag rap new age mess.
John D.

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