mi$fit – Poethelegend

mi$fit – Poethelegend


mi$fit – Poethelegend
??1. sadboy
?/?2. fuego // rolling stone
?3. cell phone 
??4. 4 am
?5. throw shade
??6. love/hate story (interlude)
?7. sci-fi love story
?/?8. young outkast // u ain’t got it
??9. sober thoughts
?10. misfit
?11.the mission (interlude)
?12. life goes on f. lor spudd
?13. bittersweet
?14. heartless f. ph mac
?15. screen door
?16. lockjaw freestyle f. lor spudd (bonus)
?17. nightmare on shroom street (bonus)


Project is a mess. Dude can really rap, has his lil “because im not black” gimmick which is cool. Then it all crashes when he tries to do the swag, ad lib, & autotune thing, its pure trash, his turn up rap voice sonically can be compared to sonic the hedgehog from 2006. I get tryna be diverse but you dropped the ball on that end, which makes up like half of this project. Some songs are also too long so they go from good to boring quick, production is also all over from dope to whatever, & the features all made the songs they were on better. Overall project is a miss.
John D.


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