Sex Tape 2 – Level

Sex Tape 2 – Level

Sex Tape 2 – Level
🤭1. Intro
🌊2. Pushing inside you (feat. Khid)
🚮3. Freaky (feat. Kendall Thomas) 
🆗4. Lets make a sextape
🚮5. Lay it down ( feat. Britton Satcher)
🚮6. In da middle ( feat. Big pokey)
🚮7. Call me ( feat. Jose Quevro)
🚮8. Yo body (feat. Cydine)
🤮9. On da way (feat. Cupid)
👎10. Right now ( feat. Dajerae)
🚛11. Seems like you ready (feat. Britton satcher)
🆗12. Do U ( feat. Virdue & Mookie Black)

This was by far the most uncomfortable I’ve been listening to music in a long time. This should not be played out loud and / or in front of children at all. It’s just bad I need that p**** rap. (YOUR VOICE IS NAILS ON CHALKBOARD) Shame because production is fire and the vocalist kill it for the most part.


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