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Crescendo – Jackie Hill Perry

Crescendo – Jackie Hill Perry
Crescendo – Jackie Hill Perry
🔥1. Lamentations f. Latifah Alattas
🔥2. Hush
🔥3. No Ways Tired f. Joseph Solomon
🚒4. Fall away f. Natalie Lauren
😍5. Melodies (Interlude)
👍6. Thy neighbor
👍7. Hymn f. Ambassador, Shai Linne, Da T.R.U.T.H. & Braille
🔥8. Mustard Seed
🔥9. From Heaven (Interlude)
🌊10. Woman f. Sharon Irving
🌊11. Restless
🔥12. Maranatha
🚒13. Crescendo
👍14. Reprise

What can I say about this album it has all the newest elements of hip hop I go by. It has soul, lyrics, message and real shit. This is truly hip hop in its rawest state. It’s safe to say I have a new artist I am a fan of now. This album is flawless and an easy listen.
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