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#SZN2 – Magic Mally Mall

#SZN2 – Magic Mally Mall

#SZN2 – Magic Mally Mall

🆗1. Intro
👎🏾2. In the Dust f. Forty38
🚮3. Lullaby
💤4. Make it Up
👍🏾5. Nobody’s Safe f. Young Leo
😴6. New Phone Who Dis’
🚛7. You Lied
💩8. B.D.S.M

This Project is Basuraaaaaa. There is not much hype to be attributed to this project to be honest. It’s slightly below average Trap ish. Production somewhat decent, the mixing and audio quality could be much better. I think either the artist skips a beat or the beat itself skips on the 2nd track on the project. The best track on here is Nobody’s Safe. I would probably attribute that to Young Leo, his verse gave us a break from the nonsense. I do give the artist props for having the courage to put this project out. I really hope he has better luck next time with his release. But, not this time. Overall I did not like this project. *Randy Jackson Voice* It’s a no from me dawg.

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