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Pain – Derez DeShon

Pain – Derez DeShon
Pain – Derez DeShon
🔥1. Herculez
🌊2. No Luv Lost f. Ralo & Birdman
👎🏾3. Hardaway
🆗4. Fed Up
🌊5. What Dey Gon Say
👍🏾6. Otw
👍🏾7. Lord Forgive Me
🌊8. P.I.L. (Pain is Love)
🌊9. Homesick
🌊10. I Need U
🌊11. Blue Strips
🌊12. Morton’s
🌊13. Tearz
😴14. Time Went
🌊15. Pain

Project is smooth as hell. I couldnt tell you what this dude actually sounds like becuase he is 1000% effects, but it aint bad at all, its all smooth, clear and clean. Production matches, his subject matter is also very dope. Its not typical trap stuff, the occasional skrrt but other than that he singrapping about real hood issues. Ralo did his baby yung thug thing, and birdman didnt ruin the track so good for him. Project is a great listen to vibe, drive, or even chill too. In rotation.
John D.

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