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Generation Numb – Fat Nick

Generation Numb – Fat Nick

Generation Numb – Fat Nick

🚛1. Swipe swipe ( 👍 production only)
🚛2. Which way ( 👍 production only)
🚛3. BFF 
💤4. Wylin
🚛5. Flood pints f. OhGeesy (🔥 production)
🚛6. Bags on me
💩7. Mums block (I just want this to be over)
🚮8. All the smoke
🆗9. Slow it down f. Bexey
🆗10. Ice out f. blackbear
👍11. Wtf

THROW THIS FUCKING PROJECT IN THE GARBAGE. Your raps are garbage. Your production is the only reason this was even bearable for 32 mins. This is a example of a swag rapper who’s over compensating and does entirely too many drugs. Please give up on music.. do us all a favor.


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