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Redemption – Jay Rock

Redemption – Jay Rock

Redemption – Jay Rock

🌊 1. The Bloodiest
🔥 2. For What It’s Worth
🔥 3. Knock It Off
🚒 4. ES Tales 
👍🏼 5. Rotation 112th
🌊 6. Tap Out feat. Jeremih
🌊 7. OSOM feat. J.Cole
🔥 8. King’s Dead f. 💎 Future
👍🏼 9. Troopers
🆗 10. Broke +-
👍🏼 11. Wow Freestyle feat. Kendrick Lamar
👍🏼 12. Redemption feat. SZA
🆗 13. WIN

Overall it’s a fantastic album with phenomenal production, immaculate flows, and aggressive bars but this is a more melodic Jay Rock that sings a lot of his hooks and that might surprise a lot of his fans but it’s been 3 years and every artist must develop. The features absolutely outdid themselves especially Future and his falsetto. Kendrick does seem to pop up for adlibs all over the album like it he did on Black Panther and it’s kinda obnoxious and Wow freestyle is just Mask off pt2 also did he say “Shiznit” on Broke+- ? 🤮. still this album is a strong and consistent body of work that acts as a testament to Jay Rock skills.
Adam The Arab

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