Pac Juice – Math Hoffa​

Pac Juice – Math Hoffa​


Pac Juice – Math Hoffa​
??1. Hoffa Gang
?2. Riverside
??‍♀️3. Time Line 1 
?4. No F***s Given
?5. Lex Jason f. Blizzle Bless
??‍♀️6. Time Line 2
?7. Love Is on the Way
?8. The Message
??‍♀️9. Time Line 3
??10. N***a Like Me
??‍♀️11. Time Line 4
?12. Doing My Music f. Blizzle Bless f. Bishop Brigante
?13. Pick a Place
??‍♀️14. Time Line 5
??15. Love Changes
?16. Dolo Man
??‍♀️17. Time Line 6
??18. Keep Ya Head Up
??19. Coming Up
?20. Big Richard f. R. Murad
?21. Dont Die f. VJ
?22. Weekend Lover
??‍♀️23. Time Line 7
?24. Lights Go Down
?25. Outro

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Project is very solid, a bit long give even if you skip the Time line skits but still very solid. It has its highs n lows, project is very bar heavy, the production is also pretty dope for the most part, it just tends to fall off on the more risky songs, the new age or upbeat ones can be hit or miss. Some of the production too seemed risky because they just dont match with his tone and aggression. It loses most of its steam towards the end, can def be split down the middle.
John D.

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