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Nasty – Rico Nasty

Nasty – Rico Nasty

Nasty – Rico Nasty

😂1. Bitch im nasty
🆗2. Countin up
🆗3. Trust issues
🌊4. In the air ft bloc boy
👎5. Pressing me
👎6. Ice cream
👎7. Oreo
🆗8. Hockey
👎9. Wont change
🆗10. Life back
👎11. Transformer
👎12. Why oh why
👍13. Rage
💩14. Lala

This album is another case of trying to do too much. The songs where she is going crazy and acting a fool, and speaking her shit are cool. She sounds like a female 69, its not until she goes out of her comfy zone then its a little dry and repetitive. She can be a problem with the right guidance. Shes a no frills Trina which we need more of. The production is fire in this but i think she can snap allot better then this.

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