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81 – Chevy Woods

81 – Chevy Woods

81 – Chevy Woods

👎1. 81 intro
🚛2. Can’t trust ( that hook is wild annoying)
🚮3. Watch the ball drop 
🚮4. That N***a ( another wild annoying hook)
💩5. Yoga pants ( that high pitched whistle is terrible)
🚮6. Homies
🚮7. Off the porch
🚮8. Gloc
👎9. Bitch you lying ( Feat. Wiz Khalifa)
💩10. Mojo ( misuse of Austin powers reference)
🚛11. On me
🚛12. Little or big mad
🚛13. Succ on me
🚮14. Fun girl
🚮15. For the record

This project is a example of that old guy in the trap who thinks he can actually rap, but in reality he should have stopped rapping and trapping and found a normal 9-5 job like everyone else. This was horrid. Even your manz wiz gave you a half assed verse…. this is a waste of space.

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