Duality – Big Scoob

Duality – Big Scoob


Duality – Big Scoob
??1. On My Grind (Intro)
?2. On Me f. Tech N9ne
??3. T.R.A.P. (Pack Gone) f. The Official B-Legit & Boogieman
??4. Say What f. Mitchy Slick & Eight0
?5. Only Way I Know
?6. Still Here f. Nowdaze
?7. Solo Mission f. Auni Saxton
?8. Live Right Now f. Auni Saxton
?9. That Way f. Pretty Boi Beats
?10. Ubreakable f. Fat Joe, Maez & Brandoshis
?11. Tremble f. Maez, Pretty Boi Beats & Storm
?12. Worldwides f. Boogieman
??13. For My Dogs f. Tech N9ne, Bizz Gott, Txx Will, Mr. Whitebear & Boogieman
?14. My Partnas
?15. No Fakin f. Pretty Boi Beats & Boogieman
?16. Paint a Picture f. Boogieman
??17. Big homie
?18. Bruce Lee f. Bizz Gotti Music,
?19. Like Mine f. Bizz Gotti, Boogieman & Boo Bang


Project was a bit boring, he can rap for sure and has a dope voice but the project was just a bit drawn out for me. The production was cool but for the most part It didnt really fit well with everything else. Features were ok, nothing stood out, project has no replay value, and the quality is good but its just very lackluster, its almost like a majority of this is like old man midwest club rap. Not allot of fun tracks on here either. Project is nap city at best. I am schleeeeep.
John D.


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