Cudahy Dopeboy 2 – Annimeanz

Cudahy Dopeboy 2 – Annimeanz

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Cudahy Dopeboy 2 – Annimeanz

?1. The Intro f. Jake & Papa
?2. Never Loved f. Big Sick Nasty
?3. DBoy 2 Step f. Troy Ave
?4. Thoughts
??5. Getting Endz f. Drew
?6. LowKey f. Daniel Peter
?7. Premonition
??8. Real
?9. What you know about f. SMOKE MAJOR

Project is fucking solid, pen is here, his cadence and flow is just enough to really work with the fire production, its an evenflow of just solid lines solid production and solid mixing n mastering. Features were dope, and this project just bangs, has its old school, has its very west coast, has a smooth club jam on it and has some vibe tracks, only problem is the closing track doesnt do it for me and throws off the flow of such a solid project. Other than that easily in rotation.


John D.


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