4-1P – Payroll Giovanni

4-1P – Payroll Giovanni


4-1P – Payroll Giovanni
??1. 4-1P
??2. Invisible
?3. Excuses f. Bonus
?4. Nothing Nothing
??5. Cartier Wishes f. Bonus
?6. Boss You Up f. Ybs Skola & HBK
?7. House On the Hill 2 f. Eastside Jody & B-Mo Maine
?8. Bo Man f. Sweet Lou
?9. Hypnotized f. Big Quis & Clay Baby
??10. Tax Bracket f. Chaz Bling & Hoggy D
?11. D Too Hot f. Dre Armani
?12. Interview


Project is smooth, very west coast, tho it does get a bit repetitive, it doesnt mean the tracks are bad, the quality is there, he is rapping about what he lives. Production is cool, features did they thing, substance is here, bars arent complex but get a point across. All around this is drive around and flex music but the old school way, not the hold money to your ear way. In rotation!
John D.


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