Boy in the Iceburgh – Little Curly Fry

Boy in the Iceburgh – Little Curly Fry

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Boy in the Iceburgh – Little Curly Fry

?1. Backwood
?2. Am I Wrong
??3. For the Gang
?4. Lose Your Heart
?5. Boy in the Iceburgh
?6. Nut in Her Mouth
?7. Rick and Morty
?8. Go Back
?9. Theme Song
??10. Kimmy

Project is a good time, shit is wavy, and fun. The production is very unique and smooth, but what stands out is his content. He has the image of someone who doesnt take this seriously but thats far from what this is, on top of that it sounds like hes having fun. The quality is very mainstream, hes got the new age swag thing going but sprinkles in his own story and flips it which separates him from the norm. His name threw me off gaurd I expected this to be some store brand copy and paste new wave trash, but I can honestly put this against some of the top tier. In rotation!
John D.


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