Ear Drop Bop – Young Moriarty

Ear Drop Bop – Young Moriarty

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Ear Drop Bop – NOJAY formerly known as Young Moriarty

??1. Saints aren’t real
?2. Tears
?3. Eclipse
?4. We Were Better

Project is weirdo music, dude can string together a swaggy flow, and the content aint bad if you are in your early teens, love holding hands, and the thought of walks on the beach. The music isnt good, the singing makes it worse, the quality is rough but his mic dont seem bad, production is boring, and honestly for 4 tracks all i could think was this ep hurt you more than it hurt me. You sound like placebo lil xan, I really hope you dont look like him too.


John D.



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