M3 – DJ Jazzy Jeff (Rhymefest & Dayne Jordan)

M3 – DJ Jazzy Jeff (Rhymefest & Dayne Jordan)

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?1. M3…The Beginning f. Uhmeer
?2. Skaters Paradise
?3. Scars
?4. Where You At f. Uhmeer
??5. Hi & Hungry Interlude
?6. 2 Step f. Masego Music
?7. Wide Awake f. Uhmeer
?8. It’s June Already
?9. Stronger Than Me
?10. Midnight Escapade f. Aaron Camper Music
?11. Child of God f. Uhmeer
?12. Ludesfordays Interlude
?13. The Way We Cool f. Aaron Camper
?14. The Government’s Dead f. Uhmeer
?15. M3… The Outro

Project is incredible. Production is A1, unique, smooth but manages to have weight and power behind it. Rhymefest and Dayne Jordan take this and create a feel similar to the first time listening to Black Star. Every feature added there own piece to this masterpiece. This is about as woke and as deep as writtens can get. It blends together and makes you really feel like you are caught in a time of content but while real life still is happening.
This is a must listen and a win for Hip Hop period. This project is my whole rotation rn.
John D.


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