Young Rob $Tone – Rob $tone

Young Rob $Tone – Rob $tone

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Young Rob $Tone – Rob $tone

?1. I Need That f. Malik Burgers
?2. Bussin
?3. Party at My House
?4. Ball or Better f. J Davi$
?5. True Love
?6. Ion Sleep f. Malik Burgers
?7. Got heat f. Ant Beale
?8. What it is f. Malik Burgers
?9. Grams

This project is as generic mainstream as it gets. The subject matter is bland, the bars are mostly trash, and it’s presented exactly like every other cat in the game right now who can’t open their mouth enough to speak. Unfortunately, it was ok enough to not be able to say it’s complete trash and I reluctantly have to give this album an in between, kinda my manz. Just know I hated nearly every minute of it and it ruined my night.
Kyle aka Kyru Wik


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