Dreaming out loud – Nick Grant

Dreaming out loud – Nick Grant

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Dreaming out loud – Nick Grant

?1. Bj’s intro
?2. ‘96 bulls
?3. Nicky Bomaye f. DJ Khaled
?4. All in stride
?5. The switch up f. Yo Gotti
?6. Blue cheese
?7. Save the thrilldren
?8. Father figure
?9. The funeral
?10. Lincoln Apt.
?11. Gentleman’s paradise f. Bless
?12. Gucci plug f. DRAM
?13. Black women f. Stacy Barthe
?14. The ode f. Sonya Elise

This album is beyond solid. Production was on point, you were clear and not drowning behind the beats. There are some deep tracks where my manz just lets it out and you can hear it. Features did what they had even had a Femcee black out witch it great to see. There is some substance in this. Which nowadays is hard to find. Keep doing this for the south man. We see you.


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