The Sex Tape Playlist – Too $hort

The Sex Tape Playlist – Too $hort

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Sex Tape Playlist – Too $hort

??1. Can’t Take Her f. YMTK
?2. Dance Like You F****n’
?3. 10 Bad Bitches f. Stressmatic
??4. Pull Yo Trophies Out f. Philthy Rich
?5. Don’t Suck Dick
?6. Balance
?7. Give ‘Em the Blues f. YMTK, BANDAIDE, &Oke Junior
?8. Feelin’ Somethin’ f. Sucheata Ivey
??9. I Ain’t Throwin’ f. Mowii
?10. New Bitch
?11. Sloppy Seconds Leftovers

Project is very boring, super forgettable, first listen all you really get from it is the word “bitch” being said way too much. Production is like old man party/club fusion, and doesnt mesh well with the same flow and cadence he has had since the prohibition era. The features saved the songs they were on but other than that im gonna pass on it. If anyone can count how many times bitch is said across this project I will pay them that exact amount in pennies.
John D.


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