Vengence EP – Davision 9000

Vengence EP – Davision 9000

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Vengence EP – Davision 9000

?1. Vengeance Intro
?2: Look at Me Remix
?3. Feb 9th
?4. Trust Issues
?5. Davision RFR f. King JD
?6. Stop Crying Remix Vengeful Outro

This is a dope little project. The bars are not in question at all, very dope. I also like the display of multis. I’m personally a huge fan of syllable play. The mixing kind of killed some of this for me though. The aliteration is very muffled in the syllable schemes which takes away from how dope the schemes actually are. The production was also kind of so so for me. All in all though you my manz for sure.
Kyle aka Kyru Wik


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