Dukhalayam – $$ speaks

Dukhalayam – $$ speaks

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??1. Violence
?2. 2 Her Head
?3. Aviator
?4. It’s 4:44; iGotta Shout Jigga
??5. If She
?6. Never Know
?7. Foolery
??8. Too Much Weed
?9. Tequila
?10. Diamonds & Gold
??11. Never Write Back
?12. Boy Don’t Run
?13. Never Outta Lines
?14. Mixed & Mastered
?15. Shebot Malfunction
?16. Basement
??17. Reflection
?18. Nautious (Aw Shit)
??19. Oh My Nitai
?20. Hills
??21. Save My…

Project is dope, a nice blend of NY hip hop and new age Hip hop in general. Definately a compilation because some tracks arent as clean or as high quality sounding which is a bust because if you take the best songs from this and put em out officially you have a fire album. The tracks that shine really shine and the regular ones are just good music too. Bars here, features showed up, flow is here for sure but structure is not and it takes away. The beef tracks are amazing and Hills is something special. Lets hope this man invests in his marketing and brand because I couldnt even find his pages without struggle.


John D.


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