The GloFiles, Pt. 1 – Chief Keef

The GloFiles, Pt. 1 – Chief Keef

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The GloFiles, Pt. 1 – Chief Keef

?1. Dolo
?2. Stars
?3. Outerspace Glo
??4. Dipset
?5. Carolina
?6. Long f. Tadoe GBE
?7. Binoculars
?8. Hell Yeah
??9. Respect
??10. Yeah
?11. Police
?12. Me
?13. We Want War f. Lil Reese & Fredo Santana

Project is not good. The production overall is strange, but most of whatever is happening on it makes it bad. The mixing I think is purposely done to make us struggle a bit. You cant understand much of what hes saying and then most of the time its really low. I cant take any of it seriously. The drooling, the screeching, the tourette’s, its all very hard to listen to. Miss me with all of this bullshit.
John D.


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