SR3MM – Rae Sremmurd

SR3MM – Rae Sremmurd

SR3MM – Rae Sremmurd

💤1. Up In My Cocina
👎🏾2. Close f. Travis Scott
🌊3. Bedtime Stories f. The Weeknd
👍🏾4. Perplexing Pegasus
🔥5. Buckets (Balling) f. Future
😴6. “42”
👍🏾7. Powerglide f. Juicy J
🌊8. Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame
🆗9. T’D Up

Project is alright, feature tracks make it, only real standout song by them is rock n roll hall of fame, which is very vibe heavy. Production is clean, content is ok, but there’s this lingering feeling that they might’ve hit a ceiling or this could be the labels doing.


John. D


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