Darkness Brim – Lena Jackson

Darkness Brim – Lena Jackson

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Darkness Brim – Lena Jackson

?1. The mask intro
?2. Darkness Brim
?3. Poor Kids
?4. Cookies
?5. House of blues
?6. #YouShouldBeScared
?7. Siberia
?8. Therapy Couch
?9. Like me, A symphony
?10. End of the tunnel

This project caught me by surprise, but she is straight spitting. As much as i tried to find something to hate I couldn’t. Even the projects that she sang on i couldnt hate, it flowed, it went with the song. Her projects sounds so clean and clear, production is nice and brings and old school sound. The whole album kept my head knodding. Take a listen to Siberia that track is hands down on flames.


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