KOD – J.Cole

KOD – J.Cole

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?1. Intro
?2. KOD
?3. Photograph
?4. The Cut Off f. kiLL edward
?5. ATM
?6. Motiv8
?7. Kevin’s Heart
?9. Once An Addict (Interlude)
?10. FRIENDS f. kiLL edward
?11. Window Pain (Outro)
?12. 1985 (Intro to The Fall Out)

So let me start this off by saying ignore all the stans and trolls, just go sit down somewhere and listen to the album in order from intro to outro this album will be best enjoyed by someone with a unjaded opinion of Cole. That being said fantastic album will be heavily in rotation on my personal playlists. Cole took mainstream flows and spit them ironically and did it better then the mainstream rappers. This is his open letter to the industry. It says a lot that the only feature on this album is himself, and if you don’t get that you weren’t paying attention. Now while I give this album high marks not every track is flames track 6 and 10 didn’t resonate as much with me but still solid track. No flops detected.




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