Total Xanarchy – LIL XAN

Total Xanarchy – LIL XAN

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?1. Who I Am
?2. Wake Up
?3. Tick Tock f. ? 2 Chainz
?4. Diamonds
?5. The Man f. Steven Cannon
?6. Saved by the Bell
?7. Moonlight f. Charli XCX
?8. Shine Hard f. ? Rae Sremmurd
?9. Round Here f. ? YG
?10. Basically
?11. Deceived
?12. Betrayed
?13. Slingshot
?14. Far
?15. Colorblind
?15. Betrayed (Remix) f. Yo Gotti & Rich the Kid

Nothing is original he sounds just like every other Emo/druggy rapper. Most of the songs are saved by the producers. Album is a bunch of sounds, words, adlibs, and moaning. He should of put out an instrumental album, would of been better. Features are half the project. Easily forgettable. Even when he raps it sounds repetitive. 0 Substance anywhere. Production is solid 8-10 but all 100% wasted.


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