Hennessy & Jose Vol 1 – Freeze & 7DV

Hennessy & Jose Vol 1 – Freeze & 7DV

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Hennessy & Jose Vol 1 – Freeze & 7DV

??1. Welcome to the Show
?2. Fire
?4. Real Americans
??5. Not for Nuthin
?6. Phire and Ice Ice Baby
?7. Bars on Deck
??8. 5 O’Clock Sumwhere

This album was painful. I am gonna say one good thing, the 2 dudes on this can rap its clear, 7DV is a bit more comfortable and has a bit more cadence but not to discredit Freeze he still had some shit. That aside, homie singing ruined this whole project, at first i thought it was the mix but each stem, double adlib etc needs to gtfoh. Project is like getting a bootleg of a movie thats not bad enough to be good but also just not good at all and homie singing is someone walking past the screen every few minutes. The artwork sums up this project.

John D.


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