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East Side – Philthy Rich & Peezy

East Side – Philthy Rich & Peezy

East Side – Philthy Rich & Peezy

👎🏾1. Ain’t fair
🆗2. Tweaking f. Team Eastside Snoop
👎🏾3. Tied in f. Fmb Dz & allstar lee
💤4. Can’t Wait
👍🏾5. Don’t Stop f. Paid Will
👍🏾6. No Endorsements f. Icewear Vezzo & G.T.
😴7. They Acting Like
👍🏾8. Mph f. Curren$y
🆗9. 100 Pounds f. lil blood & Fmb Dz
🔥10. No Time
🆗11. I Did It f. Johnny Cinco
🌊12. Get Cut f. Joe Blow & Celly Ru
😴13. Ain’t Loyal
😴14. Eastside f. Jim Jones
🌊15. Tupac f. Babyface Ray & Paid Will

Project was cool, had a couple boring tracks and a few that werent good but overall its a clean release. Its mad aggressive but can def fit a background working out or get amped type mood. Production is cool nothing stands out for good or bad so its cool. Dudes are rapping some a lil off and a bit dry but they are rapping every track please believe that. The hooks are catchy they get to you, hearing them so much (cuz the songs are mad long) you will find yourself singing them. In rotation.

John D.

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