We Beefin? – Wendys

We Beefin? – Wendys

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We Beefin? – Wendys

?1. Twitter Fingers
?2. Holding it Down
?3. Rest in Grease
?4. Clownin
?5. 4 For 4$

Shots fired everywhere. McDonald’sBurger King, and Wingstop need to respond. From the art to the song titles its all creative and dope. Production is actually crazy, the bars are aggressive, and far from subliminal and almost seemed like it was too easy for Wendy from da block. Sad the competitiveness we yearn for in hip hop Wendy’s produced on this EP. Fast food spots need to step it up and rappers better not complain at the counter or the window. Put the 1st lady in rotation!

John D.


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