Cruise Control – DJ Luke Nasty

Cruise Control – DJ Luke Nasty

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Cruise Control – DJ Luke Nasty

?1. Celebrate
??2. I Did f. DaBaby
?3. Last Night f. Rotimi
?4. Me Time
?5. Whole Lot
?6. I Need f. G Yamazawa
?7. Miss Me f. Boss Bundles
?8. Do Not Disturb
?9. Miami Nights
?10. Settle

Project is cool very chill, production is there and the vibe is there. Dont jump into this looking for all sorts of penwork. Jump into thisk nowing hes gonna chop it up about living good, smoking, and bagging “bad bitches”. Substance not all here but everything else is, the musics cool and catchy enough to make you wanna ride around with the top down or at least a window open. In roation!

John D.


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