The Chase LP – CHASE

The Chase LP – CHASE

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Chase LP – CHASE

?1. Twisted
?2. Believe
?3. Platinum
?4. Jekyll & Hyde
?5. The Truth
?6. Wild feat Official Gemini Shizzy
??7. Waiting on you
??8. MPD
?9. Jump Up
??10. Back to Life
?11. Mirrors feat Povi
?12. Fall Out
?13. High Road
?14. Becoming a Rockstar
?15. Don’t Tell Me
?16. No Brakes
??17. Save Me

Project was dope, as easy as it would be to compare him to artist that may sound similiar and what not i’d rather credit him for his passion and the product at hand. Everything sounded super clean, boy is rapping his fucking ass off on every track, took some risks with hooks etc but still has an ear for just good sounding music. Production dope, and the messages for the most part are strong. Passion is here, you can hear the influences but you can hear the work put in. In rotation for sure.

John D.


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