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Brat Mail (Mixtape) – Kash Doll

Brat Mail (Mixtape) – Kash Doll

Brat Mail (Mixtape) – Kash Doll

👍🏾1. Intro
💤2. Dancin
🔥3. I Want” f. Scrilla
👍🏾4. Dividends
🆗5. Fastest Route
👍🏾6. Check
😴7. Rich Talk f. Scrilla
👍🏾8. Serious f. Natasha Mosely
🆗9. Thank You Bratz (Outro)

Tape is cool man she can fucking rap, tracks are put together well, production was cool, few boring tracks but overall a cool tape. She does the lady boss rap right and its very believable she also shows confidence and a bit of how humble she is too. This tape makes me look forward to what her album will sound like. In rotation.

John D.

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