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9th Ward God – Lil Marlo

9th Ward God – Lil Marlo

9th Ward God – Lil Marlo

💩1. Bowen Homes
👍🏾2. Ali
😴3. About That Action (Feat. Rylo) 
💤4. 4 LIFE
🆗5. I Remember
😴6. Stick To The Code (Feat. Kollision)
🆗7. Last Time (Feat. No Plug)
👍🏾8. Tuesday & Thursday (Feat. Rylo)
👎🏾9. Shootin Shit Up
🚮10. Paid Off
👎🏾11. Road to Riches
👍🏾12. Christmas Lights (Feat. Rylo)
😴13. Gave Me The Game
💤14. Pigeon Flippin (Feat. Lucky)
👎🏾15. TRM
🆗16. Dirt
😴17. Young Boy
💤18. 2 The Hard Way

Project was wild boring, no passion, too much autotune, lazy singing, boring hooks and raps. It gives that, “yo my homie up the block can rap” vibe, but also with the addition of “yea he records in his basement”. Def not in rotation.

John D.

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