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Dear Annie – Rejjie Snow

Dear Annie – Rejjie Snow

Dear Annie – Rejjie Snow

👎1. Hello
🌊2. Rainbows
🆗3. The Wonderful World of Annie
🔥4. 23 Feat. Caroline Smith
👍5. Pink Lemonade Feat. Cam O’bi
🆗6. Skinny Jasmine Intermission
🔥7. Mon Amour
👍8. Oh No! Feat. Dana Williams
🌊9. Spaceships Feat. Ebenezer
👎10. Egyptian Luvr Feat. Aminé and Dana Williams
👎11. The Ends Feat. Jesse James Solomon
🔥12. Room 27 Feat. Dana Williams
🌊13. Désolé
👍14. The Rain Feat. Cam O’bi and Krondon
🆗15.Skateboard P Intermission
👎16. Lmfao
🆗17. Bye Polar
🌊18. Charlie Brown Feat. Anna of the North
🔥19. Annie Feat. Jesse Boykins III
🆗20. Greatness Feat. Micah Freeman

Going into this album i didnt get a good vibe starting off. Once you get past the opening tracks the album opens up. Its a different sound, but it works for him. The album tells a story and to help guide you, it has skits that flow with the album.The weird vibe keeps you engaged and his lyrics keep you listening and its a fun album. For something different, enjoyable and smooth give this a listen.


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