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Wildflower – Nessly

Wildflower – Nessly

Wildflower – Nessly

👎🏾1. Thank God (Intro)
👍🏾2. Ungrateful
🌊3. Whohasit featuring Ski Mask The Slump God
🆗4. Ballerina (Interlude)
😴5. Back 2 Life
💤6. Water Springs featuring 24hrs
😴7. Can’t Answer
🆗8. Not My Lover featuring Hoodrich Pablo Juan
🆗9. Bungee Jump! (Interlude)
😴10. Downers
😴11. Sorry Not Sorry
👎🏾12. Secret
🆗13. Make It Right featuring Joji

Project is a snoozefest, unoriginal, ok production, 0 lines or substance. This is honestly what to expect from this era, but in comparison as a whole, it is the store brand. Probably better off playing this in the background of a backyard party at low volumes so you dont annoy your neighbors. I’m schleep.

John D.

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