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For My Fans – Fetty Wap

For My Fans – Fetty Wap

For My Fans – Fetty Wap

💩1. Start It Up
🔥2. Could You Believe It
👍🏾3. Love the Way
🌊4. Feels Right
🔥5. Nobody Else
🌊6. You Don’t Know (feat. Sean Garrett)
🆗7. Into Her (feat. Monty)
🆗8. P.T.S.A.
🌊9. Yomi
🆗10. Text Me (feat. Monty)
🌊11. About You (feat. M80)
😴12. Lotto (feat. Duke)

Project is super smooth once you get past the painful first track. Idk if its just me but I fucking hate it. Besides that this project is well produced, mad catchy, super vibes and just a good time. I also did not know non auto tuned fetty was on some real singing shit because track 5 is crazy unless its not him. Dope clubbing, driving, or just vibing project. In my rotation.

John D.

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