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Pure Beauty – Shirt

Pure Beauty – Shirt

Pure Beauty – Shirt

🔥1. Snowbeach
🆗2. Climate Change
😴3. Energy
💎4. Zebra
🔥5. Palace Intrigue
🔥6. F**k It Going Live
🚒7. Woman Is God
💤8. Do It Right
🔥9. Flight Home
🔥10. If I Can’t Do My
🔥11. Mise En Abyme

This album is so refreshing, You 100% can tell hes from new york, the grit the rawness and the bars over the head or straight to your face its all there. Throughout the entire projet there is a constant feeling that something very new is happening even though it sounds very old school. Release is fire, and this dude is rapping his ass off. Put this in rotation.

John D.

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