The Upside Down – B.o.B

The Upside Down – B.o.B

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Upside Down – B.o.B

?2.Creme de la creme
?3.Is it war
?5.Food fight
?6.Fugga millonaire
? 7.Kundalini

As a begrudging B.O.B fan this my least favorite project of his. Before I proceed to defecate all over his project I will say B.O.B. does demonstrate his verbal prowess on this album but almost pointlessly, this album only succeeds at making him look even more pretentious then he already did. There’s no bangers so to speak some of the songs are catchy even though some of the subjects are a little heavy on the conspiracy side of things. I will say as I mentioned before his word play is there flow and delivery are pretty on par with what I expect from Bobby Bands but overall this album is a snooze fest the songs have to much dead space no hot tracks luke warm at best and he tries to cram in to much “wokeness” in super short songs. This is the kinda album white college students who take afro American studies would listen to.



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