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Black Rock – ONYX​

Black Rock – ONYX​

Black Rock – ONYX​

👍🏾1. Onyx!!
🔥2. Black Rock f. Dj Nelson
👍🏾3. What U Want From Me
🔥4. Blinded By The Light f. Optimus
🔥5. Ima Fuckin Rockstar f. Skyzoo
🆗6. Lighters Intro
🆗7. Lighters
🌊8. Greatest Day f. Optimus
👍🏾9. O.D. f. R.A. The Rugged Man Official Page
👍🏾10. Love Is A Gun
👍🏾11. Point Em Out
💎12. Chasing The Devil f. Optimus, Sickflow and Snak The Ripper

Project is short but very dope. Sticky and Fredro show that they still got it. Not a single bad track on here. Its got variety like crazy and the production is fire. The features all snapped to add to it all. I couldnt help but get the feeling that this felt like if your favorite lowkey rock band put out a release to just show they still can vibe n have fun, and actually pull it off.

John D.

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