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Cloud 909 – Audio Push

Cloud 909 – Audio Push

Cloud 909 – Audio Push

🆗01. Clouds
🆗02. Update
🆗03. Slidin Solo
🔥 04. No Bad Days
👎05. Lately
🆗06. Status Feat. Eric Bellinger
🆗07. Sanctified
👎08. Spill Drinks
👎09. Honda
🔥10. Phazes
🔥11. Pump Fake
🆗12. Bye Feat. Nahom
👎13. No Off Days Feat. Turtle No Joke
🆗14. Cottonmouth
🆗15. Silver and Gold
🆗16. Ragtop
👎17. Never Gave Up
🔥18. Comeback Soon Feat. Jesse Boykins II

With a nice twist to blending rhyming and singing this works very well for this release. The album starts off with a slow vibe, and starts to pick up throughout in a good way. Producers play a big part in this release. The beats knock and the lyrics flow. Album is solid. The tracks follow nice, even the skits go with the songs and tell a story. Album is not all over the place either, from club tracks to more meaningful ones. Audio Push gets that green check from me.


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