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Ephorize – CupcakKe

Ephorize – CupcakKe

Ephorize – CupcakKe

🆗01. 2 Minutes
🆗02. Cartoons
⁉️03. Duck Duck Goose
😐04. Wisdom teeth
😐05. Crayons
🚮06. Cinnamon Toast Crunch
😕07. Exit
🆗08. Self Interview
😒09. Navel
🚮🤢10. Spoiled Milk Titties
🆗11. Total
☹️12. Post pic
😐13. Meet and Greet
👎14. Single While Taken
👎15. Fullest

Truly a ride from start to finish, just not one that I quite want to be on. It would’ve had a good message if it wasn’t littered with trash throughout the album. CUPCAKKE IS NOT MY woMANZ.


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