Punken – Maxo Kream

Punken – Maxo Kream


Punken – Maxo Kream
??01. Work
??02. Grannies
??03. Capeesh f. Trippie Redd
??04. Bussdown
??05. Hobbies
??06. Go f. D. Flowers
??07. Beyonce (Interlude)
??08. Astrodome Pt. 2″
??09. Love Drugs
??10. Pop Another
??11. Janky
??12. ATW f. 03 Greedo
?13. Roaches
?14. 5200

All in all shit bangs, minus the last track, every track is catchy and for a first listen I really enjoyed it. I already can see myself jumping to this cd for when I wanna just bump and jam or even just to drive. Album has made me a fan, the production was very dope and I normally do not like the trap or even the new wave sound unless Im in the mood this was both of those things but with the things I love most about hip hop. He was rapping, he had punches, hooks, themes, told stories, and it felt genuine. I felt like I could picture where hes from just from hearing it but I can also see the quality and feel for this album. This kind of quality for someone who may be considered mid or low tier only translates to that much more passion and hard work. Right back on my rotation. Also looked him up after listening to it noticed he produces too. Fire. I am a fan.


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