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On Myself – Sheridan

On Myself – Sheridan
On Myself – Sheridan
🌊1. Where’s The Ref?
🚒2. The Don f. BDT Don Pablo & Drae V
🌊3. Rewinds
🔥4. Hell
🚒5. Like You Did
🌊6. Actin’ Funny
🔥7. Walk Away f. Anthony Kannon
🌊8. On Myself
Project is ready for the mainstream. You have amazing pacing, from the early flash to the middle sadness, to the ending self realization. This whole project was a complete thought that came to life, but also a great time musically. He can sing and when he raps he also puts it together well enough for the mainstream standard. The production is amazing, the features all game to eat food, the hooks will get stuck in your head, and the replay value is strong with this one. To nitpick this had moments where the tracks would slap so much that I needed more, if he unlocked a full on drop off drake talk rap package to add a lil bit of contrast to a few of these tracks that would take him to a level that I don’t even think he understands. Heavy rotation for white boy summer.
8.8/10 – John D.
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