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Sheridan Carter Crane – Sheridan & Wilder

Sheridan Carter Crane – Sheridan & Wilder

👍🏾01. Layaway
🌊02. Upstate f. Anthony Kannon
🌊03. Phonies (hook is so catchy)
👍🏾04. Go!
🆗05. Money Mine
🔥06. Lil Baby f. Ruen & Unordinarylzz
🔥07. Impious f. Tobias Gibson & Sellah
🌊08. Heart Attack
🌊09. Favorite Girl f. Anca
🌊10. I Miss You Mom

Project slides. Its emotional, its got bop, its got raps, its got a whole bunch but overall as sad or as deep as it can be, its a very fun project. The creativity, the sounds, the freedom it all works. I honestly couldnt tell you what homies strong point is but I can tell you he does everything well enough to put me in a good mood and want to run it back. Features were nice, nothing really took me out of it, the closest was track 5 but even that was type ok. Dope project, I will admit i was thrown off by apple music saying its a pop project but I kinda get it now. It can be whatever your mind wants it to be. In rotation.
7.5/10 – John D.

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