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LetMeCatchYallUp – Millzmakemusic

LetMeCatchYallUp – Millzmakemusic

LetMeCatchYallUp – Millzmakemusic

🔥01. Montgomery 2X
👍02. Me but Me
🔥03. Feel Me
🆗04. One Tyme (mixing seems off)
🆗05. No Play
🔥06. Drop Game
👍07. Stay Out Da Way
🔥08. Free Fall
🔥09. Yesterday (sample is fire)
👍10. Being Broke
🆗11. Myself X3
👍12. Amnesia
🆗13. No Reason
👍14. What I’m Chasing
👍15. In My Mind
🆗16. Luv Luv
🆗17. Be Great
🌊18. The Deception

Dude can rap but some of his bars are a little tired, beats are pretty weak for the most part but I wouldn’t say there’s any outright trash songs. This project definitely suffers from being to long, cut some of these tracks and you have a pretty decent project. A few less corny bars and he’s got some potential.
6.5/10 – JW

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