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Scomaha, Vol. 1 – Monday Night

Scomaha, Vol. 1 – Monday Night

🌊1. The Scope
🔥2. Passed L’s & Pastels f. Eddie Vanz
🔥3. Rich Man
🌊4. Jim Kelly
🌊5. Lisa f. Fly Anakin
🌊6. Jungle
🔥7. Zach Morris
🌊8. Onlyuknoo
🚒9. Tony Jaa f. Big Kahuna OG

Project is a good ass time. Smooth beats, so many dope raps, this dude got a laid back flow and this screachy desperation to his voice at times that makes you wanna rap with him. Def need to run it back a few times because he was punching all over, mad metaphors and what not. Features did work, production was very different but felt great bumping. Project got me ready for summer. In rotation.
John D.

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